Facebook To Change Their Name To ‘Company’ – Making It Hard To Google Bad News About Them

Leaked documents from Facebook headquarters reveal that the corporation will be officially changing its name to “Company” next Thursday. Many people are pointing out that the name change will make it nearly impossible to search for news about the company at a time when Facebook is under intense scrutiny. Here’s what people are saying:

“Now the news will have to refer to them as ‘the corporation formerly known as Facebook’.” – Gene Martin, 45, Prince fan club president


“Their actions couldn’t be more suspicious if they changed their name to ‘Trustworthy Corp’.” – Nancy Bunyon, 48, diabetic pastry chef

“It’s incredibly on brand that a pasty, creepy, soulless robot-man would name his business something so unfeeling like this.” Jason Johanason, 35, stay-at-home son

“Yes. Because the whole issue with Facebook was the name.” – Gerald Hawkins, 79, social media manager

“This is just like when Satan started going by ‘Lucifer’ for the first time.” – Father Chance I. Gropey, 63, Catholic priest

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