Fired Anti-vaxx Football Coach Will Now ‘Stand Up For Himself’ In The Unemployment Line

Washington State football head coach Nick Rolovich has been fired from his role after refusing to comply with a mandate requiring state educational employees to get the COVID vaccine by October 18th. Rolovich and four other coaches will all be let go from their positions for not complying. Here’s what people are saying:

“Someone with such poor judgement on how to keep his players safe shouldn’t be leading a team of young athletes as they play a sport that severely damages their brains and shortens their lives.” – James Martinez, 45, bullfighter

“Wow! Now people are losing their jobs because they watched some video on Facebook?!” – Ryan Gerard, 35, stay-at-home son


“So a man can’t control his own body without serious repercussions?! I wonder what that’s like?” – Kellyanne Steffens, 50, Planned Parenthood employee

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