Bill Cosby's Release Completely Restores Nation's Lack Of Faith In Justice System

Bill Cosby’s Release Completely Restores Nation’s Lack Of Faith In Justice System

Bill Cosby is now a free man after it was announced that a Pennsylvania judge had overturned his conviction this week. Once word had spread, the news completely destroyed what little bit of faith Americans had just begun to feel in their justice system.

“For awhile there, I actually thought that the ‘Me Too’ movement had made some progress, but then this Cosby ruling comes down and completely restores my total lack of faith in the justice system,” US citizen Sarah Susternan stated. “I’ve never felt more disappointed.”

Cosby’s spokesman Andrew Wyatt also commented, stating, “You know, this was a fight to return the legal system to normalcy. And that’s what I fight for every day – ensuring injustice is done while the rich and powerful get off the hook. It’s a beautiful day, not just for Bill Cosby, but for all wealthy Americans involved in criminal activities.”

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