Bengals: ‘We Scored Due To A Missed Face Mask Penalty So Why Can’t We Also Foul The Rams On Defense!?’

The vast majority of Cincinnati Bengals fans are convinced that the NFL rigged yesterday’s Super Bowl – allowing the Los Angeles Rams to win the game in the final minutes. Angry fans are pointing to inconsistencies in penalties both called, and not called, by the refs.

“When Burrow threw that 75-yard touchdown pass on the first play of the third quarter the refs ignored a blatant offensive face mask penalty committed by Tee Higgins,” a livid Bengals fan shouted. “Once a referee misses a single call – or makes a mistake – they have to continue to call the entire rest of the game poorly. Either you play by the established rules, or you ignore them entirely. There’s no in-between.”

When reached for comment the NFL released a brief statement.

“We’re taking these allegations very seriously,” the press release stated. “But we’re mostly looking into the possibility of the review booth being able to examine plays exactly like Tee Higgins’ 75-yard “touchdown.” That so-called touchdown obviously should have been called back due to a missed offensive face mask call, so if anything the Rams should have won much more easily.”

As of press time the NFL was seriously considering changing the Super Bowl’s final score from 23-20 to 23-13 because of the terrible no-call.

Photo credit Peter Ziegler

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