10 Reasons Why 73% of Millennials Are Totally Okay With Dying, Like Literally Right Now

A Gallop poll on happiness was released today that shows more than 70% of millennials are “totally okay with dying, like literally right now.” Here are the top 10 reasons that were given by participants:

10) Can’t afford health insurance anyway.

9) A forever nap actually sounds rather nice right about now.

8) Mercury is in retrograde.

7) Racism. Like, A LOT of it.

6) Had to go deep into student loan debt just to get a job that pays $18/hr.

5) My Chemical Romance.

4) Had to move back in with parents.

3) Bored. Looking for something new to do.

2) Serotonin has been depleted from impulsive hair coloring.

1) We’re trapped in a cold, unforgiving world full of hate, ignorance and violence, and left here to slowly wither away, suffering, and eventually dying alone.

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