Trump’s IQ Test Comes Back Negative

In an odd turn of events, Donald Trump proudly revealed today that he had taken an IQ test and somehow managed to get a negative score. True to form, the president was quick to brag to reporters that he “had not tested positive for IQ.”

“I finally took the test because everyone’s always talking about it. Everyone’s always asking if I have IQ. So I took the test and it came back negative. I don’t have an IQ problem like that the fake news media likes to say. In fact I show zero signs or symptoms at all!”

Brief comments from Mensa International – the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world – explained how the president managed to dip into the negatives.

“Not only did the president get every question wrong, he also forgot to put his name on the form, resulting in a negative IQ score,” Mensa president Byron Lovequist confirmed. “It’s incredibly rare, but it happens.”

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