OJ Simpson & Chris Brown Say They ‘See No Warning Signs’ With Kanye West’s Recent Behavior

Former NFL superstar OJ Simpson and singer-songwriter Chris Brown both spoke out in defense of Kanye West today. The two celebrities say that Kanye is being treated very unfairly.

“Just because you repeatedly harass someone over and over again, or threaten to kidnap and murder someone for that matter, doesn’t mean that you have done anything wrong.” Simpson stated. “Kanye doesn’t even match the description of a dangerous abuser. So if the glove don’t fit, you must acquit.”

When reached for comment, Chris Brown was very vocal in his support of Kanye.

“It’s just words. He hasn’t even hit anyone yet,” Brown stated. “I see no warning signs here. Talk to me again when Ye knocks Kim’s lights out – but only if she didn’t deserve it.”

As of press time, Simpson had gifted Kanye a pair of tightly-fitting leather gloves, stating that “you never know when they might come in handy.”

Meanwhile, Brown had advised Kanye to avoid areas with cameras should he plan to “talk to” Kim Kardashian or Pete Davidson.

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