Obama Purposely Weakens U.S. Army, Cuts 40,000 Troops

Obama Purposely Weakens U.S. Army, Cuts 40,000 Troops

Despite the clear fact that the U.S. faces numerous overseas threats, the Obama Administration has decided to make a deep cut in the nation’s military personnel numbers. The move has true patriots up in arms – and rightfully so.

Alaskan Senator Lisa Murkowski (R) tweeted her concerns in response to the estimated 2,600 troop cuts in her state – more than 5 times in a matter of hours – yet, over a day after the announcement. Her response included the following tweet:

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Indeed, it is common knowledge that if we reduce the U.S. Army’s presence in Alaska, from around 84,000 to just over 80,000, that Russia – which is close enough to be seen from at least one Alaskan’s house – will be much more likely to try to attack the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave.

Murkowski went on to say that the United States is not spending enough on military funding.

“The U.S. only puts about $581 billion into it’s military each year. We are already far overpowered by the next ten countries – which, when all combined, spend about $598 billion,” the tearful Murkowski paused.

“I mean, what would we do if China, Saudi Arabia, Russia, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, India, Germany, and South Korea all – for whatever reason – decided to fight against the United States of America? How…[muffled]… how would our country prevail?”

When asked for comment about the the Obama Administrations reasoning for the cuts, the following Presidential response was issued:

“In lieu of taking all firearms from God-fearing, patriotic Americans… President Barack Hussein Obama has elected to slowly dismantle the U.S. Army. He will let gun owners protect the U.S. instead, as they clearly know that they will have to do so at some point anyway… so why not save some money and do it now?”

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Obama Purposely Weakens U.S. Army, Cuts 40,000 Troops

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