Nancy Pelosi, Democrats Tricked Into Wearing African Neck Rings, Septum Piercings

Just before unveiling a sweeping police reform bill in response to George Floyd’s murder and the resulting worldwide protestsā , Democrats caused an uproar when they decided to take a knee in the U.S. capitol while sporting African neck rings and showing off freshly pierced septums.

The failed display of solidarity initially brought strong backlash from the black community until it was revealed by the Congressional Black Caucus that the entire ordeal was just an elaborate prank played on white members of Congress.

“We wanted to see how far we could get them to go. So we told them to do it.” Black Caucus Chair Karen Bass laughed. “White people are always so on edge when it comes to the topic of race and this time we just couldn’t help ourselves.”

As of press time, the Congressional Black Caucus said it was in the process of convincing Mitt Romney to get cornrows.

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