Man’s Last Brain Cell Certain Liberals Won’t Wear Masks Now That Trump Calls Them ‘Patriotic’

(Hibbing, Minnesota) The very last brain cell of diehard Trump supporter Doug Wilkins is dead sure that liberals are going to stop wearing masks now that the president has called putting on the protective gear a ‘patriotic’ act.

“The president is using reverse psychology to expose the libs and the fake news,” Wilkins laughed. “Trump is playing three dimensional chess. You’ll see. None of them will be wearing masks.”

Hours later, after having gone outside only to see everyone was still wearing masks, Wilkins’ last brain cell began having its second complete thought of the day.

“I’m either going to have to give in and wear a mask or decide that Trump has become an emasculated, virtue signaling cuck who has given into liberal mask-wearing propaganda,” Wilkins realized out loud right before his head exploded.

Photo credit Lorie Shaull

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