Humans Determined to Survive Coronavirus So They Can See Climate Change Decimate the Planet in 2035

A large majority of humans on planet Earth say they have every intention of surviving the coronavirus to ensure that they get front row seats to the end of the world; which will be brought on by climate change sometime around 2035. What do you think?

“No sir! I’m not going to let a microscopic virus take me out when we’re just years away from rising sea levels, uncontrollable flooding, sprawling wildfires, unfathomable hurricanes, deadly droughts, plagues, and more!” Patricia Grayson, Anti-Vaxxer & Flat-Earther
If we are just living through every disaster movie they’ve made from here on out, then where the hell is President Terry Crews? 1 out of 5 stars.Rodney Sharms, Film Buff & Bus Driver
“I’m just glad that my parents and grandparents took the time to create the dumpster-fire that we’re living in today.” Mark Turner, Environmental Studies Student

Photo credit Kevin Rheese

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