Failed Frozen Steak Salesman Turned Reality TV Host Somehow Not Good at Leading a Nation

A 73-year-old former frozen steak salesman is having a surprisingly hard time running an entire country despite having been a reality TV host. What do you think?

“Can’t talk right now. I’m about to jump on a Trump Airlines flight to Atlantic City, have a few Trump Vodka drinks, and gamble at the Trump Taj Majal.” – Cassandra Tubbleman, Sarcastic Agoraphobe
“Wait. You mean all of this is real?” – David Higgins, Stay-at-Home LSD Tester
“My least favorite episode of the Trump Show is the one where 100,000 people died from a virus while state governors were forced to compete for COVID-19 aid.” – Esteban Tills, Furloughed Volunteer Lifeguard

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