Cher Pens Deal With Facebook: Get Ready for ‘Big Changes’

Facebook chairman and CEO Mark Zuckerberg was overhead today discussing that he has signed a deal with famous pop diva Cher. When asked to comment, Zuckerberg confirmed that there was a deal in the works. Here are the details we know so far.

Cher, in an effort to further brand herself, approached Zuckerberg with a pitch to change the basic terminology that the company uses. It is now confirmed that beginning in October Facebook will have an overhaul that will be very noticeable.Photo by David Carroll

“After listening to Cher’s pitch we had a meeting of the minds at Facebook headquarters,” stated Zuckerberg. “The adjustments we are slated to make will not change the user experience overall, but simply help Cher to increase her marketability. The move was a no-brainer on the whole.”

Reportedly, Facebook will be receiving $300 million to change the term “share” to “Cher” and “like” to “Whoa.” The contract lasts for only 2 years and can be renewed if both parties agree and sign a new deal.

When reached for comment, Cher reported that the deal they agreed to was actually much smaller than what she had wanted. Cher’s publicist stated that further requests had included:

– Having “On This Day” play an audio clip of “If I Could Turn Back Time”

– The audible sound of Cher saying “whoa” each time a user likes something.

– “I Got You Babe” Playing every time a new relationship is posted.

– User-selected portions of “Stronger” being played on breakup statuses.

The heads of Timehop have confirmed that Cher is currently at the drawing board with them to have her song clip of “If I Could Turn Back Time” on their app for an undisclosed amount.

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(All photos by David Carrol, no endorsement implied)

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