Bill Nye Quits Science Think Tank, Sends Trump Blunt Resignation

(Los Angeles, CA) With so many people quitting the Trump White House via long, scathing letters with not-so-hidden messages in them, it was refreshing to see scientist and TV personality Bill Nye take a different approach. Having penned his own resignation letter from his Los Angeles residence, Nye explained why he decided to go a different route.

“I saw how Kal Penn and 14 others left the President’s Committee on the Arts & the Humanities by spelling out ‘RESIST’ with the first letters of each paragraph. I thought to myself ‘That. That is pretty cool’,” stated Nye. “But it didn’t feel quite right. It wasn’t enough.”

Just days later, another letter of resignation to president Trump came from a White House Science Envoy, this time spelling out “IMPEACH” with the first letters of its paragraphs.

“So after that, I realized I had to get more creative. Really up the bar,” said Nye. “Yet I had to simplify it enough so that Trump would maybe understand it and still take the time to read the whole thing.”

Nye said that he heard of Donald perferring to read briefings that included his own name as much as possible. Yet, he understood that Trump’s short attention span would require a much more succinct letter.

“After running a few tests in the lab, completing 2 double-blind studies, and compiling the data – all tests showed that it didn’t matter what anyone said or did. The president is a sociopath. A narcissistic sociopath. So it didn’t matter.” concluded Nye.

The famed mechanical engineer Bill Nye, however, did quickly pen a letter to send to Trump:

When daughter Tiffany Trump began to try to explain Nye’s letter, Donald cut her off and shouted “I don’t want to hear about your period getting on the table!”

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