Kid Rock State Fairs Again

A Total Resurgence In Kid Rock’s Popularity Has Him Performing At State Fairs Again

Singer, songwriter, and rapper Kid Rock is seeing a shocking resurgence in popularity that’s launched him back into the spotlight for the first time in 15 years. Rock, who is now 51 years old, says he had no idea that this could happen.

“Who knew you could peak twice!?” Kid Rock grinned. “I’m at the height of my career again – at least two state fairs have asked me to come perform!”

The artist is now enjoying having the number one downloaded song on AOL, Napster, and Audiogalaxy with his new release titled “We the People”.

“It’s looking like I’ll be opening for Nickelback in Little Rock at the Arkansas State Fairgrounds around 5pm,” a giddy Kid Rock confirmed. “That’s about as good as it gets!”

Photo credit Ronald Woan

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