5 Things Rural Americans Can Do While They Wait For Netflix™ To Buffer

There are plenty of ways to pass the time in rural America while you wait for your streaming services to buffer – and none of them will break the bank! These cheap, tried and true solutions can be a great way to enjoy yourself just as much as anyone would in the big city.

1) Drive Around. There’s nothing better than just you and the open road. Which is great, because there’s basically nothing but you and empty roads out here.

2) Hang Out With The Same 3 People. Just because you’ve all dated each other at one point or another doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with hanging out with the same three people. What other choice do you have anyway?

3) Go Hunting/Fishing/Hiking. No need to say more. Killing things and walking around in the woods will be the highlight of your life.

4) Join a Committee. Really step up and make a name for yourself as you help run your bustling town of 17 people.

5) Gaze At The Stars. Look up at that gorgeous sky dotted with shimmering light while you laugh at the city folk and yell “Fuck their reliable, high-speed internet service! I can see more stars!”

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