Study: At Least 50% of Americans Need to Restart Their Brains

Leading scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are saying that a large portion of Americans need to hit the reset button on their brains. The problem has gotten so bad that scientists fear many people can’t actually see how different things can be interconnected, or conversely, completely unrelated.

“The human brain is not set up to be constantly running all of the time,” stated head researcher Robert Tofflin. “This is why we to take a break here and there, and be sure to get a decent night’s sleep.”

But according to Tofflin, sleeping and giving your brain a rest isn’t enough for everyone.

“The human ‘sleep mode’ can only do so much for some people,” Tofflin explained. “That’s because some people are so dumb that they actually need a complete reset.”

Indeed, although sleep helps with most issues. One of the greatest reasons many Americans need to reboot their brains is that it may benefit society as a whole.

“Societies filled with brains that aren’t performing at their best start to create inter-connectivity problems after a while. Today in America, people with slow-moving brains cause many awful problems.”

Tofflin continued, “These stupid people have moronic notions which are often forced upon innocent children or transmitted via internet connections. This is also why we can see a frenzy of dumb humans on social media.”

Unfortunately, people in severe need of a brain reset can even act out in awful ways while in public.

“Faulty brains that are in desperate need of repair are directly linked to problems like mass shootings, anti-vaccination movements, transphobia, homophobia, sexism, racism, and more. By resetting these defective brains, we will be giving society the breather that it so desperately needs,” Tofflin concluded.

The study also found that brain problems can often be caused by an unfounded denial of reality which causes the brain to become corrupt. Some all-too-common causes included: deep and unquestioning religious faith, a blind hatred of science, a strong dislike of education, and an inability to evaluate new facts and allow the human brain to change its opinion.

A final finding showed that it’s important to question your own beliefs on a regular basis in order to stay proactive with personal brain health. This will not cause any harm to society as it is simply a way of being able to first see, and then admit when you are wrong. If your problems continue, you may need a complete brain reset.

How to reset your brain:

1. Shut up. Just shut up for once.
2. Unplug your head from your ass. Verify you have done so by then opening your eyes and seeing the world around you.
3. Wait 2 minutes, then never shove your head up your ass again.
4. Allow for reality to set in.
5. You should now be reconnected to the world around you.
6. Cautiously share opinions after checking for accuracy with multiple reliable, or peer reviewed sources.
7. If problems continue, be sure that your nose isn’t also covered in a smelly, brown substance called “shit,” which often comes from burying your face in the asses of leadership figures who need to restart their brains as well.

Staff Note: Please refrain from putting other things in your ass – unless you are down with that – then proceed with lubrication, patience, and caution.

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