‘Irregardless’ Added to Dictionary, Finalizing Collapse of American Education System

The idiots have won again. Webster’s Dictionary has added the cringeworthy word ‘irregardless’ to their big book of real words, signaling the complete collapse of the American education system.

“Words are officially added to the dictionary when they are used frequently enough over a long period of time and with a clear meaning. Irregardless is an example of just that,” a statement from Merriam-Webster read. “It really doesn’t matter if the people saying the word are complete fucking morons. So get used to it, because you’re surrounded by imbeciles.”

Irregardless of your opinions (see how fucking stupid it sounds?), 535 new words were added to the dictionary this year including a new definition for ‘thirsty,’ which signifies a strong desire for something, and ‘Magats,’ which is a hybrid of MAGA and maggot used to describe Trump supporters.

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