Holiday Tip: Options for Recycling Your Relative – Part 2

After our first post on tips for recycling your relative this holiday season, we were quickly made aware that a lot of our readers live in colder climates that do not warrant leaving a frozen corpse outside. So if you live in one of those areas that is just too cold, but you have a fireplace – read on:

With the onset of cold temperatures, many in colder climates will opt to use their fireplace to burn their selected relative’s remains. Recently, however, fireplace ashes have resulted in fires in city trash trucks.

Officials are urging folks to make sure that their fireplace’s human remains are cold and completely extinguished before placing them in trash carts or dumpsters. It takes only one hot limb to ignite all of the trash in a truck or dumpster.

Make sure that your fire place ashes and torched limbs are cold and dead before throwing them in the trash.

Follow these 4 steps:

1 – Metal Bucket: Place relatives remains into a metal bucket after burning.

2 – Add Water: Pour water over severed limbs and ashes.

3 – Cool Down: Wait until they are cold and completely extinguished.

4 – Dispose Ashes: Place bagged, extinguished relative remains and ashes in the trash outside.

We hope that this helps to keep you warm and safe this holiday season as we carry out the traditional, yearly Relative Recycling in the United States.

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Holiday Tip Options for Recycling Your Relative - Part 2

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