Bill Cosby Sang ‘Smooth Criminal’ While Dressed As A Mixed Drink On ‘The Masked Singer’

Fox’s upcoming season of The Masked Singer is losing its mystery and its fans as yet another contestant has been revealed. Actor and comedian Ken Jeong spilled the beans to TMZ about Bill Cosby being on the show after Jeong became enraged at the unmasking of Cosby who sang Michael Jackson’s ‘Smooth Criminal’ while dressed as a mixed drink.

For those with a short memory, Rudy Giuliani’s appearance on season 7 was just leaked yesterday. Giuliani’s unmasking also upset judges Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke so much that they walked off the set with cameras still rolling.

Notably, judges on The Masked Singer say Giuliani gave his identity away when a dark, murky puddle of hair dye pooled at his feet while he sang Elvis Presley’s ‘Jailhouse Rock’.

The decision to have both Giuliani and Cosby on the reality TV show has caused outrage and resulted in a flood of people calling for the series to end altogether.

In response to the anger, The Masked Singer producer Craig Plestis said that he will be “essentially starting the season over. We’re basically starting from scratch.”

“If Giuliani and Cosby got people this upset, I don’t want to know what would have happened if we went forward with the rest of the show,” Plestis stated. “I no longer think that America wants to see Harvey Weinstein dressed as a semen-covered potted plant and singing a “Baby It’s Cold Outside” duet with Louis C.K.

Photo credit The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia

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