Ashley Madison Leak Includes Several Celebrities

Ashley Madison Leak Includes Several Celebrities

Ashley Madison, a website that assisted married or partnered people with meeting and having sex with other people in secret, was hacked by a group named “Impact Team.” Upon the release of the private data of users, it appears that within the list of over 37 million users that there are several celebrity figures who have actively used the site.

As the Impact Team stated, “with over 37 million members, mostly from the US and Canada, a significant percentage of the population is about to have a very bad day, including many rich and powerful people.”

The hacker’s release includes user names, real names, credit card information, addresses, and – perhaps most notably – sexual fetishes. We are sorry if anyone has been cheated on, but here is the celebrity list of Ashley Madison account holders.

Username: Check_Ur_Thetans
Owner of Card on File: Tom Cruise
Sexual Fantasies Profile: Haha, well. Haha haha there’s only one way to say this. I am REALLLY into shit. I’d love for a girl, or guy, to just play with my shit while I watch. A Two Girls One Cup scenario would be the penultimate satisfaction. Praise the Supreme Being!

Username: The_Donald
Owner of Card on File: Donald Trump
Sexual Fantasies Profile: I’m looking for someone who will act like they don’t like me rubbing my crotch on them while I berate them for whatever perceived or made up shortcomings they may have. Foxy boxing talent is a hUUUUGE plus!

Username: Death2Jewz
Owner of Card on File: Mel Gibson
Sexual Fantasies Profile: Want to find a jew girl who will let me get piss drunk and put them in an oven after I take 7 Viagra and then jerk off. Tolerance for copious amounts of whimsical laughter and driving me everywhere a plus.

Username: KStew4U
Owner of Card on File: Kristen Stewart
Sexual Fantasies: Biting, furry transformation, people who’s faces look like feet, anyone that is okay with expressionless individuals.

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Ashley Madison Leak Includes Several Celebrities

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