If Fox News Had Raked The Ground By Their Christmas Tree, It Wouldn’t Have Burned Down

The huge Christmas tree outside of a Fox New’s NYC headquarters was set on fire Wednesday just after midnight by a man who was immediately taken into custody. The flames then engulfed the smaller trees in the decorative display. Here’s what people are saying:

“You know, at first we thought it was a burning cross. Which is actually normal outside of most Fox News locations.” – Mike Douglass, police officer
“This is a completely pointless story. The tree survival rate from something like this is 99.97%.” – Karen Schwartzman, forest fire denier
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“All they had to do was take the 15 minutes to rake the incredibly flammable Christmas presents out from under the Jesus tree. How careless of Fox. Stupid really!” – Donald Trump
“I’d say call the fire department, but that would be socialism.” – Ben Smalls, stay-at-home son

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