Bill Gates No Longer Compatible With Melinda After Update To Unsupported Version Of Relationship


After having tried everything to roll back an unsupported update meant to start a “new phase” of their relationship, Bill and Melinda Gates are getting divorced. “Unfortunately Melinda and I are unable to return to the previous version of our relationship,” a teary-eyed Bill Gates stated. “More often than not, these updates are good; however, they can also break your marriage.” Mr. Gates also made it clear that the couple’s divorce has nothing to do with performance problems or anything about him being “Microsoft.” Interestingly, because of a poorly-written prenuptial agreement, Melinda will be getting all of the houses and Bill will only be getting the windows. Photo credit Kjetil Ree

Bill Gates Says Everyone Must Eat Fake Meat By 2030 In New Book Titled ‘The Future Sucks: Why We Should Give Up Now’


Billionaire Bill Gates is set to release a depressing new book next week titled ‘The Future Sucks: Why We Should Give Up Now’. Gates, who is typically known for his cautious optimism, says there’s no hope for humanity anymore. “If we want to survive climate change and be able to feed everyone, we’ll all have to be eating fake meat by 2030,” Gates stated. “But we all know that’s never going to fucking happen, so instead of delaying the inevitable, we might as well just give up right now.” As of press time PETA released a statement disavowing all previous stances on animal cruelty and sustainability. “Since reading an early copy of Mr. Gates’ book, a large percentage of vegans and vegetarians have started eating meat and other animal-based products again,” the PETA statement read. “Because if everyone else isn’t going to try, we might as well speed things up by joining in on the delicious decimation of our planet.” Experts say that the vegans who have reverted back to their old dietary ways have increased their carbon footprints by as much as 70% and decreased their level of fucks given down to zero.

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