Tom Steyer Sings, Dances on Stage With Marilyn Manson to ‘This is The New Sh*t’


Presidential candidate Tom Steyer took the stage with Marilyn Manson in South Carolina today, just a day after white-boy twerking on stage with Juvenile to ‘Back That Ass Up’. Notably, Steyer sang the chorus to Manson’s chart-topping song ‘This is The New Shit’ which goes like this: Babble babble bitch bitchRebel rebel party partySex sex sex and don’t forget the violenceBlah blah blah got your lovey-dovey sad-and-lonelyStick your stupid slogan inEverybody sing along Steyer, who also came out wearing dark eyeliner like Manson, says that the alternative metal performance was all a part of his plan for reaching the younger voting demographic.

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