Ex-Gay’s Parents Will Not Accept “New Lifestyle Choice”

Ronald McClellan, a 34-year-old man from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, recently revealed to his parents that he is no longer gay – a notion that is not sitting well with his parents Buford and Scarlet.

McClellan, who had initially come out at the age of 17, was “surprised” when his parents said that they “completely accepted him for who he was” and said that they “weren’t all that shocked” by the revelation.

“They were very understanding about it,” said McClellan, “and that’s why I don’t understand why they don’t accept my decision to become straight again.”

Indeed, Buford and Scarlet are very adamant in their rejection of their son’s new sexual orientation.

“It’s just silly,” stated Buford McClellan. ” I mean, the kid has gay face. You look at him from a block away and, even if you don’t have ‘gaydar,’ yours goes off like a smoke detector fire alarm doohickey next to a 10-foot-tall bonfire.”

Scarlet McClellan has similar feelings about her son Ronald.

“I don’t know why he thinks he can just go back into the closet. The only time he should be spending in the closet is picking out one of his fabulous outfits that brings all the boys to the yard.”

The apparent shift in Ronald’s beliefs, according to his newly ex boyfriend DeMarcus Johnson, started happening when McClellan began wearing a shirt that stated, “I’m NOT Gay, But My Boyfriend Is…”

“It felt like good fun and games at first,” said Johnson, “But then he started getting more and more shirts that began to get offensive.”

According to Johnson and the Ronald’s parents, he started purchasing many different shirts that were increasingly rude. Some examples they offered were:

“I’m With the Fruit,” “This is my Girlfriend Nancy,” and “Real Life Fairies Aren’t Magical.”

“At this point I realized that something was up,” stated Johnson “because he would get mad if I walked on the side of him that the arrows on his shirt weren’t pointing at… and ALL of the shirts had an arrow.”

Johnson brought the issue up to Ronald’s parents who decided to try to “get to the power bottom of it all” by confronting their son.

“I made a big box of all of his things that he owned to remind him of who he really is,” said Scarlet. “I found his first pink, vibrating dildo from high school, I threw in photos of my Ronny and DeMarcus at gay pride in their leather bear gear, I included his cheerleader outfit, and I even played his favorite, bookmarked gay pornography with a projection screen that had somehow made its way onto our Cloud.”

According to Buford McClellan, the intervention did not go over well.

“He started making this high-pitched ‘SSsSssSssssSSssss’ sound and calling us ‘demons’ while flailing around.” said Buford. “He even went so far as to call me a ‘bitchy queen’ and then softly slap me on my left butt cheek.”

The McClellan’s and his ex boyfriend DeMarcus say that they have not seen their son since. They have begun posting flyers of him to see if anyone has seen him and are in the process of working on a Missing Person Report with the local Pine Bluff police.

Here is the latest known picture of Ronald McClellan with DeMarcus in the background:

Screen shot 2015-03-05 at 8.42.33 PM

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