New Samsung Phone Screen Will Cover Entire Surface, and More


Essentially, the screen will intuitively “follow” the assigned user who will have a locator chip implanted in…

Local Man Shocked to Find Out That Pedometers Had Nothing to do With Touching Children


Handsman had thought that pedometers, which are tiny instruments used to record the distance traveled or number of steps taken in a given period of time, were actually tools used to detect something about pedophiles.

New iPhone Application Encourages Users to Drive Drunk


“You are swerving,” the program warns, ” try closing one eye.”

Additionally, there are several celebrity voice options to choose from, such as: Mel Gibson, Betty White, and Lindsey Lohan, to name a few.

While driving, your phone will tell you how many miles you have left to your destination, all the while, reciting

Suicide Rates Peak as Technology Hits 3rd World Countries


Man versus Food has been cited as one of the main causes of death. A show in which one bloated, obese, and sweaty man stuffs his face with ridiculous amounts of food, often to the point of vomiting. One Zambian, Sonkwe Meluhli, has seen half of her family members end their lives.

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