Uber Eats Now Offers Pre-Chewed Meals


Customers can choose from: Careful Crunch, Medium Munch, or Gnarly Gnaw.

Google & Pampers Partner to Make ‘Pampers Glass’ Diapers


“Now it will look like you want to pay attention to your baby.”

Introducing Samsung Soft: The Smart TV that you can Punch


Samsung Soft: Televisions You Can Beat the Living **** Out Of.

Deadliest Toys From The 90’s

A handheld digital pet hailing from Japan, the Tamagotchi was a needy electronic animal that…

Steve Bannon Starts Line of Alcoholic Bananas


‘Bananons,’ will be infused with Everclear grain alcohol which…

Trump: ‘South Koreans Have Fired Japan Over Itself With a Nuclear Missile’


In an emotional response, U.S. President Donald Trump has tweeted a well-thought-out message to the world regarding the alarming missile launch today over Japan:

Trump Blasts Green Energy, Obama for ‘Unseasonably Dark Day’


“When you get a maniac like Obama. Okay. And he is, he really is. Then you end up with days like today,” Trump stated while pointing toward the only side of the room without any windows.

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