Pope Francis Announces That He Will be The Last Pope

Many are distraught and and deeply concerned after Pope Francis announced late Monday that he would be the very last Pope. The message, which has left many people feeling


American Families Blast Target for Removing Gender Labels

Target has announced that it is going to remove boy and girl labels from various aisles and items – including the toy section of its stores. The move, which will make at least all toys (and bedding) non-gender labeled, has caused an uproar in the United States.

Donald Trump Wins First Republican Debate by a Landslide


it certainly appears that Presidential hopeful Donald Trump outperformed the rest of the potential candidates on Thursday night’s FOX News sponsored Republican debate. Indeed, the real…

Former President George W. Bush Rejected From Jury Duty


The 43rd President even took time to take several photos with other U.S. citizens who had been summoned.

Those who met Bush said that he was very lively and animated.

New Samsung Phone Screen Will Cover Entire Surface, and More


Essentially, the screen will intuitively “follow” the assigned user who will have a locator chip implanted in…

Tom Brady Announces Retirement

Brady revealed that he was “very hurt” by the NFL’s decision to ban him for 4 games. Further, the release stated that he “couldn’t stand to see his team slighted like this” – referring to the lost draft picks and $1 million fine.

Seattle Regrets Raising the Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour

Indeed, people who work these “entry level jobs” are not only reportedly draining their struggling employers, but also complaining about it at the same time.

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