Trump: ‘South Koreans Have Fired Japan Over Itself With a Nuclear Missile’


In an emotional response, U.S. President Donald Trump has tweeted a well-thought-out message to the world regarding the alarming missile launch today over Japan: Advertisements


Fans in Section 129 at NFL Game Engage in Reasonable Discourse Regarding Colin Kaepernick


Citing differing opinions regarding Freedom of Speech as found in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, fans in section 129 of the Carolina Panthers vs. San Francisco 49ers game spent the 12-minute halftime respectfully debating the merits of free speech in relation to patriotism.

North Korea Accidentally Nukes Itself

The North Korean leader then flipped open a glass-encased red button, pressed it, and was immediately torn apart – along with the rest of his country – by a faulty nuclear missile.

United Kicked Woman Off Plane for Refusing to Remove Religious Headscarf, Speak


Trump tweeted and gave approval for the TSA to ban all passengers from flying if they dress like the suspect who is now in detainment.

Volvo Unveils Controversial Car Designed ‘Exclusively for Women’


“Volvo states that “physically, the cars will be exactly the same as current models; however…”

Mike Pence Has Totally Snapped


On Thursday night, Vice President Mike Pence walked up to Donald Trump just outside of the White House Kitchen and “straight up dropped the motherfucker” with a right hook. An hour later at press time Pence was seen entering the The Crew Club – a famous Washington D.C. gay bathhouse. “Obviously nothing matters anymore, so I’m going to do what-evahhh-the-fuck-I waaant,” sassed Pence before making a hair flipping motion, yelling, “Swish Swish Bish!” and turning to strut inside. Thank you for reading our latest informative news article. Check out more stories below – or like our Facebook page.

Bill Nye Quits Science Think Tank, Sends Trump Blunt Resignation


I had to simplify it enough so that Trump would maybe understand it and still take the time to read the whole thing.”

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