NFL Will Use ‘Animal-Free’ Footballs Now That Tom Brady Is Going Vegan

The NFL announced today that starting next weekend the league will be using plant-based, vegan footballs. The historic change comes after Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady held a press conference in which he spent over an hour telling reporters why he’s “going vegan” and why everyone who isn’t vegan is an “inconsiderate asshole.”

According to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, the new, official NFL footballs will be made from “both natural and synthetic materials” that are “mostly tofu-based.”

Goodell continued explaining the decision.

“It’s interesting. The official NFL footballs, up until today, used to be made with cowhide. It’s just a common misconception that they were made with pigskin,” Roger Goodell smiled. “But now, moving forward, the NFL will be using 100% vegan footballs to accommodate Tom.”

Brady, who is leading the NFL in passing yards and touchdowns at the age of 44, claims that the vegan diet helps him to stay fit as he ages.

“I’m not TRYING to say that I’m better than everybody. I AM saying it,” Brady grinned. “The numbers and stats clearly show it. My veganism now solidifies it.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time that the NFL catered to Brady’s needs, as many will remember back in 2015 when the league let him inflate footballs to his liking.

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