4 Cities We Can’t Wait To See Completely Underwater By 2030

For one reason or another, here are four cities that we simply cannot wait to see completely underwater by 2030 (at the latest).

1 – Detroit, MI. We’d love to watch these downtrodden people finally be put out of their misery. Really, they’ve had enough. Clearly this place was built on top of a cursed Native American burial ground.

2 – Colorado Springs, CO. Although it’s located at an elevation of 6,035 feet, we truly hope that God is capable of absolutely anything.

3 – New Orleans, LA. It’s not that we actually want to see it happen again, it’s just that we know it’s inevitable and we’re really fucking tired of hearing about it.

4 – New Jersey. No, we don’t mean Jersey City. The entire goddamned state. Flood it.