Tennessee GOP Okays Infanticide Via Polio & Measles By Stopping All Vaccine Outreach For Children

Tennessee Republicans made moves today to ensure that the state will no longer be advocating for children to get vaccinated – not just for COVID, but for any diseases – such as HPV, polio and measles. Health experts are saying that the decision will result in the deaths of many children while also encouraging a resurgence of preventable diseases. Notably, legal scholars believe that state lawmakers could be held accountable for those deaths. Here’s what people are saying:

“Everyone should know by now that the GOP only cares about babies before they’re born. Whatever happens after that is in God’s hands.” – Scott Golden, Chairman of the Republican Party of Tennessee
“My two brothers and I never got vaccinated and I turned out just fine!” – Kimberly Grant, 48, anti-vaxxer & only child since age 3.
“Hey. Remember when the GOP was angry about death panels?” – Jimmy Hartridge, 33, stay-at-home son

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