53% Of Republicans Think Trump Is Legally The Current President; If True He Won’t Be Able To Run In 2024 Due To Term Limits


A poll released today revealed that 53% of Republicans firmly believe that Donald Trump is currently the real president of the United States. What’s more, another 63% say he should still run again in 2024.

But if Trump were truly president right now that would mean that by 2024 he will have already used up his two terms, thus making him ineligible to run again.

What do you think?

“That’s just plain crazy! Good thing nobody believes Trump is president so vehemently that they would try to overthrow the government or something.” – Ricky Stephenson, 35, stay-at-home son
“Well they’ve only had 60-plus court cases and months of recounting. I say we give it some more time to see how this whole thing shakes out.” -Allen Whitmann, 76, moderate Republican
“So, clearly, the Democrats have outsmarted the Republicans once again.” – Mary Singer, 42, supermodel

Main photo credit Chad Davis

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