Fauci Warns ‘It’ll Be Harder To Spot The Assholes’ As Mask Mandates Are Lifted


Dr. Anthonoy Fauci released a statement today warning Americans that as mask mandates are lifted “it will become harder and harder to spot the assholes in a crowd.”

“Watching people scream in public and refuse to wear masks will soon be a thing of the past as more and more anti-maskers and anti-vaxxers lie about being fully vaccinated.” Dr. Fauci’s statement read. “We must be careful. Citizens are going to have to be even more diligent and look for the other warning signs besides the obvious Trump mask.”

Fauci then reminded citizens of common things to watch out for when trying to avoid assholes.

“I’m not saying to avoid ALL large crowds,” his statement read. “I’m just saying to stay far, far away from Confederate flags, the Karen haircut, red hats, and adults cosplaying as would-be heroes by open-carrying large guns. Follow these rules and you should be just fine.”

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man who cosplays as an open carry hero now also pretending to be vaccinated
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