BREAKING: Caitlyn Jenner Unlikely To Win After Majority Of Supporters Escape The California Homeless Via Private Jet

BREAKING Caitlyn Jenner Unlikely To Win After Majority of supporters escape the California homeless via private jet

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Texas Law Would Allow Doctors To Stop Mother's Heartbeat In Order To Listen For Fetus'

A new anti-abortion bill is close to becoming law in Texas after it passed 83-64 in the House yesterday. Senate Bill 8 would allow doctors to halt the hearts of pregnant women while they check to see if the fetus inside of them has a heartbeat. Should the bill become law, women who survive the medically-induced cardiac arrest will be prevented from having an abortion if any electrical impulses are detected during their brief brush with death. “Any beating heart, no matter the size, represents a life,” Republican Rep. Shelby Slawson stated. “And we have a moral duty to temporarily pause the hearts of mothers in order to be 100% sure that we are protecting that life.” As of press time Texas Republicans in the Senate were in the process of writing a bill targeting babies once they are born. Entitled the “YoYo Bill” – short for You’re on Your Own – the law would cut healthcare coverage for any babies born with preexisting conditions.
Texas law would allow doctors to stop mother's heartbeat in order to listen for fetus'
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