Matt Gaetz Now Wondering If He Could Have Used Dandelions To Pay For Underage Sex

Matt Gaetz wondering if he could have used Dandelions to pay for underage sex

Matt Gaetz slipped up today when he asked a crowd of his supporters if he could have paid for sex using dandelions. The question came after Gaetz stated that it was ridiculous for Joe Biden to pick a dandelion for his wife Jill before they boarded Marine One.

“Is this considered a romantic gesture?” Gaetz asked. “Even if this is something that women like, there’s definitely something childish and way off about Biden.”

“Speaking of children, do they all like dandelions? Do you think I could have enticed those underage girls by using dandelions as payment? Would that have made it legal since flowers aren’t a currency?” Gaetz asked out loud before a stunned crowd.

Members of Gaetz staff then quickly rushed him off the stage before issuing a statement that the politician was not feeling well.

“Mr. Gaetz has seasonal allergies that sometimes make it hard for him to speak or think clearly. Today’s allergic reaction was likely brought on by Joe Biden picking that weed out of the ground and spreading dandelion seeds across the continental United States.”

Photo credit Gage Skidmore

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