Brett Favre Reveals New ‘Shut Up About Politics’ Tattoo In Latest Dick Pic

Brett Favre Dick Pick Tattoo

Just hours after declaring that athletes should keep personal politics out of sports, former NFL quarterback Brett Favre sent a series of unsolicited sexual photos to several female sports journalists at both CNN and Fox News. According to recipients, the latest Favre dick pics clearly showed a tattoo that read “shut up about politics” which ran along the shaft.

Photo credit Arnie Papp

One thought on “Brett Favre Reveals New ‘Shut Up About Politics’ Tattoo In Latest Dick Pic

  1. Oh my fucking God, I can not believe this. He actually got “shut up about Politics” tatooed Down the shaft of his cock?!?! Who the f*%k does that? And he only did it to be able to then send more dick pics out to journalist or whoever. I bet he thought he was just so goddamn clever in doing it too. I guess, he was actually pretty clever because I’ve often wanted to send pictures of my cock out to folks but can never come up with a way to feel justified in doing so. Way to go far Farve, way to go, you stupid fucking cock!

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