Rush Limbaugh Forever Trapped in ‘Rush Limbo’ After Devil & God Both Refuse To Take Him

Devil Gives Rush Limbaugh Warm Welcome By Turning Up Heat in Hell

Conservative extremist and radio shock jock Rush Limbaugh passed away today and has now been placed in his own personal limbo, indefinitely. The decision comes after both God and the Devil refused to take him.

“He certainly doesn’t belong here,” God stated. “That’s quite clear. But at the same time we don’t think it’s fair to make the Devil watch him for all eternity.”

Satan agreed.

“I know almost everyone thinks that Rush Limbaugh should be here in Hell with me,” the Devil stated. “But at no point did I ever agree to live indefinitely in a waking nightmare. So now Rush is stuck in his own private limbo that we’ve created just for him. We call it ‘Rush Limbo’.”

One thought on “Rush Limbaugh Forever Trapped in ‘Rush Limbo’ After Devil & God Both Refuse To Take Him

  1. No one ever said Satan’s job was easy, but Rush certainly made it easier for the Devil. My guess, Satan will send him back here to continue recruiting for him.

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