Ellen Infects Entire Staff With COVID So She Can Keep Taping Show

Ellen Infects Entire Staff With COVID So She Can Keep Taping Show

Ellen DeGeneres told fans today that she has tested positive for COVID-19. Yet, in an effort to continue filming her famous “12 Days of Giveaways,” Ellen admits that she still went into work this morning without telling anyone her diagnosis and proceeded to cough all over her employees.

“If we all have it, then we can all continue working,” Ellen smiled before coughing directly on her assistant’s face. “And this way everyone on my team gets to keep receiving paychecks. It’s a win, win!”

The TV host and comedian then grabbed a traffic cone prop and began shouting through it at everyone in the studio.

“I feel just like Oprah!” DeGeneres laughed before coughing one-by-one into individual employee’s faces through the cone while shouting “You get COVID! (cough) You get COVID! (cough) Everyone gets COVID! (cough, cough cough).”

As of press time, at least 17 lawsuits have been filed against DeGeneres.

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