Broncos Remove Open-Mouth Kissing From Practice After All 4 QBs Get COVID

Denver Broncos Remove kissing from practice COVID 4 Quarterbacks

The Denver Broncos are in a rough spot today as all four of their quarterbacks were exposed to the coronavirus and must sit out of today’s game. Contact tracing is now leading the Broncos to believe that it was their open-mouth kissing drills that may have helped to spread the virus.

“We’re a tight-knit team,” head coach Vic Fangio stated. “The kissing drills have been a part of our practice ever since Tim Tebow suggested it while in the showers back in 2010. Maybe we’ll bring it back after the vaccine, but for now we’re stopping with close physical contact except for during games when we all end up in a giant pile of man, sweat, and spandex after nearly every play.”

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