Rand Paul Licks & Slobbers on Door Handle While Encouraging Americans to Achieve Herd Immunity

Rand Paul licks and slobbers on doorknob while encouraging americans to achieve herd immunity

Senator Rand Paul incorrectly asserted today that New York City has achieved herd immunity from COVID-19 and that the rest of the US should follow suit. Paul then proceeded to get down on his knees to lick and slobber on a door handle.

“If we could all just do something like this…” Paul stated before opening his mouth and deepthroating the silver handle for the better part of a minute. He then switched to staring directly into the camera while slowly licking the length of the hard metal before continuing. “…then we could reach herd immunity and stop having to worry about COVID-19 within a month.”

As of press time Republican Senators were lining up to orally defile the same door handle in a show of solidarity with Rand Paul.

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