Webster’s Adds Vulgar Definition for ‘Trumpery’ to Dictionary

Websters Dictionary adds new vulgar definition for trumpery to dictionary

Merriam-Webster made a controversial move today when they announced that they had added yet another definition for the word ‘trumpery’ to the dictionary. The company explained their decision in a press release.

“We believed it to be appropriate for current times to affix one more definition to the word ‘trumpery’ in our big book of words,” the press release read. “As you can see below, we’ve also added the word ‘douchebaggery’ as there wasn’t a perfect word to further describe the president and enhance the new definition.”

Webster's Dictionary adds new definition for trumpery

As of press time the president was calling for the boycott of all dictionaries; something that the vast majority of his supporters had already been doing.

One thought on “Webster’s Adds Vulgar Definition for ‘Trumpery’ to Dictionary

  1. From the French tromper, meaning to deceive, to cheat, to delude. I’m surprised Charles Dickens never created a villain by that name. He probably thought it was too obvious.

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