Woman in Pink Mary Kay Mercedes Just Realized She’s Part of a Pyramid Scheme

36-year-old Karen Howard of Ontario, CA just realized that the vibrant pink Mary Kay Mercedes she’s driving is an announcement to the world that she’s part of a pyramid scheme. Howard says she can’t believe that she’s spent two years on the road advertising that she’s a terrible human who takes advantage of others.

“Now that I think about it, my friends and family basically paid for this car due to me guilting them into buying my products,” Howard stated. “My God. What have I become!?”

As of early morning, Howard says she was looking for different work and that so far Avon or Cutco were looking pretty promising.

“It’s amazing how many jobs there are out there that only require a couple hundred dollars up front to get started and there’s no stressful interviews to do,” Howard smiled.

By late afternoon Howard had already rented a storage unit to keep her Cutco knives and Avon makeup.

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