Lindsey Graham ‘Moans Like Mickey Mouse’ Several Gay Escorts Confirm

Multiple gay male escorts from Washington D.C. and around the country have come forward claiming to have had sexual encounters with Senator Lindsey Graham. Remarkably, the one thing that corroborates all of their stories is that Graham has an unmistakeable, signature moan.

“Lindsey Graham is a surprisingly strong, incredibly physical power top who makes a high-pitched Mickey Mouse ‘Ha ha!’ sound during sex,” one escort stated. “It’s insane. There’s really no other way to describe it.”

Yet another commonality verifying the escorts’ reports is that everyone who came forward stated that Graham’s noises would only get higher and higher the closer he came to orgasm.

“It was hilarious. And he got really mad when I laughed about it, but I couldn’t stop,” one escort confirmed. “So Lindsey’s shrieking – hitting the highest note a human can hit, going ‘Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha! – and I’m laughing so hard I’m crying and snorting. Lindsey Graham was, hands down, easily the weirdest sex I have ever had.”

Photo Credit Gage Skidmore