Biden Doubles Down, Says ‘40% of Americans Are Rinky Dinky Chicken Shits’


Joe Biden issued a stunning correction today after claiming that “10 to 15% of Americans are not very good people.” Rather than try to smooth things over, Biden doubled down.

“I am deeply sorry if I have offended anyone with my estimate. I realize I was wrong and that Mr. Trump’s approval rating is, somehow, much higher,” Biden stated. “So with that being said, I would like to correct the record now by stating that at least 40% of Americans are rinky dinky chicken shits. That’s right you cowards, I said it! They’re a bunch of white-livered, gollumpus, grumbletonian bootlickers following a bedswerving, muck-spout of a klazomaniac!”

Biden then went on to tell reporters a story about his old buddy Dan and ‘the time Dan ate the clouds like cotton candy’ (read more).

Photo Credit Phil Roeder

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