Lawsuit Filed Against Obama Accuses Former President of Living Rent-Free in Trump’s Head

The White House filed a lawsuit today against Barack Obama which alleges that the former president has been living rent-free in Donald Trump’s head since November of 2008.

Evidence admitted with the lawsuit to support the legal claim include a damning collection of hundreds of tweets written by Trump himself, along with hours of video footage which shows the current president blaming Obama for things that either never happened or are clearly not his fault.

A statement from the White House also claims the former president owes Trump a sizable amount of money for the “considerable amount of mental wear and tear that he’s left behind.”

“Make no mistake, Mr. Obama been living in there for well over a decade and it shows,” the statement read. “It’s time he paid his due.”

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Suspends All Laws Citing Infringement on Personal Freedoms
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