Struggling Music Industry Defends Firing of Non-Essential Twerkers

Music Industry Defends Decision on Non-Essential Twerkers

With most major music events having been cancelled worldwide, and new music videos being postponed, the music industry is now defending itself for letting more than 115,000 non-essential twerkers go this week.

“Although the industry itself will likely never die, we do unfortunately need to make smart business decisions during this tough time,” a press release read. “As of right now we can no longer financially justify keeping our non-essential twerkers.”

What do you think?

“With strip clubs closed, what exactly are we expecting these people to do for money? Crack walnuts with their asscheeks?” – Cassandra Mulvaney, Hip Hop Dance Instructor
“Oh, boo-hoo! Now they’ll have to booty pop for free on Tik Tok like everybody else!” – Jason Juarez, Volunteer Lifeguard
“Looks like it’s time to ‘back that thing up’ into storage.” – Howard Stellsinger, Retired Bus Driver

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