Karen Pence: ‘Is It Too Late to Change the Gay Man I’m Quarantined With?’


A frustrated Karen Pence made an awkward request during a guest appearance this morning on Fox & Friends with her husband Mike Pence.

“Is it too late to change the gay man I’m quarantined with?” a teary-eyed Karen Pence half-joked. “All he wants to do is cuddle and watch Dancing With the Stars while saying how excited he is to be a contestant next season.”

The unexpected statement left vice president Mike Pence visibly embarrassed and flustered.

“Mother… Mother likes to joke around,” Pence stated while turning bright red. “We have a good time.”

Karen Pence then continued on with her complaint.

“I mean, Lance Bass, Ricky Martin, Zachary Quinto… any of these men would be more entertaining and just as sexually fulfilling as Michael here,” Karen Pence stated while poking the vice president in the ribcage. “The closet doesn’t even want this boring old queen around.”

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