Man spends better part of an hour sawing off a rabbit’s foot; what happens next will warm your heart

Heartwarming: Man befriends rabbit after spending better part of an hour sawing off its foot

(Waukesha, WI) – Local man Brian Fitzsimmons who’s been down on his luck lately and desperate for anything to work out decided Sunday afternoon that he’d get himself a real lucky rabbit’s foot for good luck.

First, Fitzsimmons found a rabbit in the woods in his backyard. Using a fishing net, he caught it and brought it to his toolshed. He then grabbed a hacksaw and began carving through the bunny’s front left paw. Once he cut clean through, he went and chucked the rabbit carcass back into the woods whereupon he found ten adorable newborn bunnies that the butchered rabbit had just recently given birth to.

Fitzsimmons says he now plans to teach his kids how to make lucky rabbit’s feet when he has custody next week.

“I’ve been looking for a way to bond with my children. This just might be it,” an unemployed Fitzsimmons stated. “Who knows. This could even be the start of a new business venture for me. Things are looking up!”

Fitzsimmons says he plans to “spread the luck around” by cutting off and gifting all forty rabbit’s feet.

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