Donald Trump asks: ‘Why don’t we have a White Friday!?’

If he had normal human emotions, Donald Trump would have turned from sunset orange to lobster red today for asking why there isn’t a ‘White Friday’ on Twitter:

After a rapid and harsh backlash from thousands of twitter users, the tweet was deleted from his account. Meanwhile, some are arguing that the president’s message could not be racist because Trump has never had a fucking clue what he is talking about.

In Trump’s defense, it does appear that the president was glaringly unaware of what Black Friday really is – likely because he’s never needed a discount – having been funneled over $400 million dollars via tax dodging by his dad when he was a much younger, orange pussy-grabbing asshole.

3 thoughts on “Donald Trump asks: ‘Why don’t we have a White Friday!?’

  1. I checked out Trump’s twitter feed and there is no tweet in regards to Black Friday or White Friday. He doesn’t typically delete tweets so I’m guessing it never happened.

  2. The man shows yet again what a racist he is. But the Trumpazoids will continue to defend him over and over.

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